The Takeoff Issue 3

Dear Members, As we approach the year’s end, I would like to convey my appreciation for your continued support to our association. In recent months, we have achieved remarkable progress, including the successful promulgation of our company’s constitution (MEMARTS), enhanced stakeholder engagement with the government and relevant agencies, among others. Our active participation and promotion of aviationrelated events have bolstered our presence in the aviation community. Collaborating with the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) has not only strengthened our ties with the broader African aviation landscape, but also underscored our commitment to fostering sustainable development of air transport within Kenya and across the continent. Looking forward, the newly developed KAAO 24/25 strategic plan will serve as our roadmap, helping us achieve our objectives and positively impact the aviation sector. We remain committed to being an authoritative unified voice of advocacy for the Kenyan aviation industry. Let us continue to champion excellence, integrity, and accountable leadership, embodying the values that define us. I look forward to the exciting opportunities that await us in the coming year.

Decarbonizing Aviation

In an era where environmental consciousness is at the forefront of global discussions, the aviation industry is taking giant strides towards a more sustainable future. Recognizing its ecological footprint, aviation stakeholders have embarked on a journey to reduce emissions and innovate for a greener tomorrow.

One of the most promising avenues for sustainable aviation is the development and adoption of green technology. Aircraft manufacturers are designing next-generation planes that are lighter,  more fuel-efficient, and boast improved aerodynamics. Airlines are also focusing on improving operational efficiency through optimizing flight routes, managing weight and balance, and minimizing ground time to lessen fuel consumption and emissions.

Sustainable Aviation Fuels ( SAFs) are another crucial component of this green revolution. Made from renewable sources, SAFs are helping airlines reduce their carbon emissions without compromising performance. They can also be used in existing aircraft engines with minimal modification as evidenced by the inaugural KQ sustainable flight to Amsterdam piloted on 25th May, 2023 .

In a move towards a greener tomorrow, Kenya has held SAF & CORSIA workshops, emphasizing the importance of implementing various technical, operational, regulatory and market- based mitigation measures to address climate change in the air transport sector.

Additionally, Kenya hosted the Africa Climate Summit in September – dedicated to climate action and driving green growth across Africa. Affirming its commitment, the Kenyan government has pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 , aligning with ICAO’ s long- term aspirational global goal.

Sustainability in aviation is not just a buzzword; it’ s a tangible reality that promises a more eco- friendly and responsible route to climate- neutral aviation.


Stakeholder Engagements
11th July: KAAO CEO Visits Zipline Kenya





Our CEO during a visit to Zipline Kenya, a BVLOS drone company that facilitates the delivery of medical supplies in hard-to- reach areas, and a member of the association.


9th August: 2nd Aviation Thought Leaders Forum

The Association took part in this high- level forum hosted by KCAA , which aimed to enhance industry participation, inform on the status of implementation of recommendations given during the inaugural Thought Leaders meeting, and review the progress of the aviation industry.

21st-25th August: AFI Aviation Week

KAAO actively participated in the AFI Week that saw aviation stakeholders and delegates from Africa and the Indian Ocean region convene in Nairobi. This event served as a platform for sharing knowledge and fostering strategic discussions, with the goal of advancing aviation safety, security and sustainability in the region.

29th August: Industry Affairs

We took part in the quarterly tripartite meeting between KAAO, KCAA and KAA that serves as a platform to discuss and address critical issues and challenges affecting the industry. The meeting seeks to foster collaboration and drive positive change in Kenya’s aviation landscape.

30th Aug-1st Sept: 8th Kenya Aviation Safety Campaign

The Association was represented in this safety campaign sponsored by air operators in partnership with WFP. The workshop aimed at addressing key safety topics such as:

  • Disaster and emergency preparedness.
  • Sustainable Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and waste management.
  • Maintenance best practices.



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