The second aviation industry affairs meeting was held between Kenya Association of Air Operators
(KAAO), Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA), and Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) with the objective on
addressing issues affecting the aviation industry in Kenya. The meeting chaired by Alex Gitari was to
work collaboratively on addressing issues affecting the aviation industry in Kenya. Various concerns
were raised and discussed revolving on aviation safety, security, rule making process, management of
aerodromes among others. Some are as outlined below.
During the meeting, the participants touched on the problem of land encroachment around airports and
aerodromes. They recognized the need for improved collaboration between relevant authorities, such
as the KAA, KCAA, and local government bodies, to tackle this issue effectively.
The issue of airport congestion, particularly at major international airports, was extensively discussed.
The stakeholders acknowledged the need for infrastructure development and expansion projects to
accommodate the growing traffic. Ongoing rehabilitation projects at various airports were reviewed,
and the stakeholders emphasized the importance of their timely completion to alleviate associated
issues. They stressed the significance of close coordination and communication between relevant
agencies to expedite these projects.
The meeting also addressed concerns regarding landing charges at county aerodromes. The participants
recognized the necessity for a fair and transparent pricing structure that encourages operators to utilize
county aerodromes. To address this, it was agreed that there was need to loop in the county
governments as we await further action.
The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the KCAA's ongoing automation initiatives. The
stakeholders were briefed on the progress of the automation of services, which aims to facilitate
approval of manuals through electronic systems. The participants appreciated these efforts and
emphasized the need for continued investment in automation to streamline processes and reduce
administrative burdens.
The development of civil aviation regulations was another key topic of discussion. The stakeholders
recognized the importance of industry participation in the drafting process to ensure that regulations
reflect the practical realities of the aviation industry in Kenya. It was noted that there was an ongoing
process of the same in Naivasha where the operators were being involved.
Concerns related to the licensing process for foreign pilot conversions were addressed during the
meeting. The stakeholders discussed the challenges faced by foreign pilots seeking licenses in Kenya and
proposed measures to streamline the procedures while maintaining safety standards. KCAA agreed to
review the existing regulations and consider amendments to simplify the licensing process.
The industry affairs meeting provided an important platform for key stakeholders in the Kenyan aviation
sector to address critical challenges and collaborate on finding solutions. The stakeholders expressed
their commitment to working together to promote the growth and development of the aviation industry
in Kenya while ensuring safety, security, and efficiency.
KCAA also confirmed that Kenya would be hosting the AFI Aviation week from 21 st -25 th August in Nairobi

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