Kenya Association of Air Operators Hosts Cirrus Aircraft in Nairobi


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Kenya Association of Air Operators Hosts Cirrus Aircraft in Nairobi
8th February 2023 | Nairobi, Kenya: The Kenya Association of Air Operators (KAAO)
hosted the world’s leading single-engine aircraft manufacturer Cirrus Aircraft in Nairobi as
the US maker sets eyes on the Kenyan market. The aircraft manufacturer had an opportunity
to showcase its products (Cirrus SR 22 and Cirrus SF50) in the Kenyan market through the
association even as it seeks to license its models to fly in Kenyan airspace.

Speaking to KAAO members David Moser Vice President – Fleet and Special Mission
Aircraft at Cirrus Aircraft said he was confident that the company’s products would attract the
attention of the market players especially due to the aircrafts’ safety and fuel economy
record. According to Cirrus Kenya has been identified Kenya as a potential market for its
products due to its thriving tourism industry and Nairobi hosting numerous multinational
companies and corporations.

David Moser Vice President – Fleet and Special Mission Aircraft at Cirrus Aircraft
“While globally Cirrrus remains one of the most recognized aircraft manufacturers, with over
half the market share in private aircraft, the company has yet to establish its dominance in
the African market except in South Africa. We recognize Kenya as a leading aviation market
within the region and we are interested to play an increased role here and the region as a
While welcoming the delegation KAAO Chief Executive Officer Liz Aluvanze said Kenya has
one of the oldest and most dynamic aviation sectors in the continent with a thriving network
of stakeholders across the value chain such as commercial, private/recreational air
operators, approved training organizations many of whom would be a fit for the company’s
products. She added that there is also enough government goodwill to facilitate new
investors wishing to set foot in the Kenyan market with many incentives aimed at levelling
the playing field.

Kenya Association of Air Operators (KAAO) Chief Executive Officer Liz Aluvanze

“We are encouraged to see major important players in the global aviation market continually
showing interest in Kenya as a gate route to East Africa and the continent. The country is in
the process of automating the issuance of licenses and formulation of an aviation policy
which will make it easier for firms such as Cirrus to open in Kenya with fewer hurdles with
the association in the frontline to promote and enhance a safe, efficient and sustainable
national aviation industry.”

Cirrus aircraft is widely known for its innovations in safety including the Cirrus Airframe
Parachute System (CAPS) and Safe Return autoland system besides being the world’s first
single-engine Personal Jet. Its major markets within the continent include South Africa,
Namibia and Zimbabwe, Kenya currently has one Cirrus SR 22 which is registered in South
Africa awaiting registration from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).

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