Launch of Aviation Satellite Account

30th April 2024, Nairobi.

The Kenya Association of Air Operators (KAAO) joined the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
(KCAA), Kenya Airports Authority (KAA), and Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) to
launch the Aviation Satellite Account (ASA) project on April 30th, 2024, in Nairobi. This initiative
aims to comprehensively measure and understand the economic contributions of civil aviation to
Kenya’s National development.

Under the ASA project, KNBS will play a pivotal role in publishing key data, including performance
metrics and forecasts for the aviation sector, to support key decisions, notably infrastructure
development. The project marks a significant step towards enhancing the understanding of the
aviation sector’s economic significance. By adopting globally recognized methodologies, the
initiative seeks to bridge existing gaps in economic reporting, ensuring the provision of accurate data
to inform policy and investment decisions.

Recognizing the critical need for accurate data within the aviation sector, KAAO, representing
Kenyan air operators, spearheaded the initiative. “The aviation industry’s contribution to Kenya’s GDP
faces significant under-reporting,” stated KAAO CEO, Liz Aluvanze. “This underestimation has
negative effects and highlights the necessity for a more accurate measurement system.” KAAO’s
leadership was instrumental in advocating for the ASA project to address this data gap and ensure a
clearer picture of the industry’s economic impact.

Speakers underlined the adoption of globally recognized methodologies in the ASA project to bridge
existing gaps in economic reporting. KAA Acting Managing Director, Henry Ogoye, stressed the
importance of accurately measuring aviation’s contribution to the economy, ensuring that both
forward and backward aviation linkages are captured in the data collection process while KCAA
Director General, Emilie Arao, highlighted the significance of reliable and accurate data in reporting
the impact of aviation on the national economy.

The launch event served as a platform to raise awareness of the Aviation Sector Account and garner
support from key stakeholders. Representatives from various operators and members of the
association were in attendance, demonstrating a collective commitment to maximizing the project’s
impact and ensuring benefits for all stakeholders.

The Kenya Association of Air Operators (KAAO) endorses the establishment of the Aviation Satellite
Account (ASA) as the initiative is not merely an economic indicator; it’s a magnet for investor
confidence, driving further growth and prosperity. The project represents a significant milestone in
enhancing the understanding and measurement of the economic significance of Kenya’s aviation
industry, a goal KAAO actively championed. By joining forces with other key stakeholders, KAAO
aims to ensure the project delivers valuable insights that will contribute to Kenya’s economic
prosperity. This aligns with KAAO’s ongoing mission to advocate for strategic investment and
development within the aviation sector.

The launch of the ASA project marks a promising step towards a more robust and data-driven Kenyan
aviation industry. KAAO stands committed to working alongside all stakeholders to ensure its

As KAAO continues to chart the course for Kenya’s aviation industry, we invite all who share our
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where our skies are safer, our businesses more prosperous, and our opportunities boundless. With
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